What is Art of Living Satsang?

30/60 minute online satsangs

Make every occasion special

Bring joy, bliss and positivity

Immersive experience

The word satsang means sitting in the company of the truth, where the wandering mind comes back to the present moment and experiences a deeper dimension to life. Where knowledge and truth unite to harmonious music. Taking you into an awakened and blissful state. Satsang is a private concert performed LIVE just for you. Where you share these high notes of life with your family and friends.

The word ‘bhaj’ means ‘to share’ – all that is positive and promising. So, immerse yourself in devotion with soulful bhajans. Absorb the positive vibrations with rhythmic chants. And revel in the energy and gusto of popular folk songs. Transform every moment into a celebration. Even the silences in between are replete with deep meaning, evoking gratitude for the blessings of life.

Since ancient times, people from all cultures and traditions have used music to go deeper into their spiritual journey. After all, satsangs are not limited to any culture or geographical region. So, create your very own, special, online satsang and enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience.

Satsang is ideal for any occassion...

Ring the music and celebration to every occasion in life.

  • These satsangs are perfect for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, private parties, corporate events, inaugurations, festivals, special occasions, and joyful get-togethers
  • These soothing sounds create an enchanting ambience for meditation gatherings, full moon satsangs, home poojas, prayer meets, and even charity events.
  • You could also ‘Gift a satsang’ to your grandparents or a dear friend.
  • We will tailor our satsangs to suit the moods and moments of your occasion.

All this sounds great, but I want to know more…

It may have more of an impact on you! Because it is more personal – you are the guest of honor, and you have selected the playlist. It’s also more intimate because you are in the exclusive company of your family and friends. With respect to the singers, they are the same ones you enjoyed during the physical events. They will entertain and touch you the very same way albeit from a screen rather than a stage. Just log in to the Zoom call, you’ll definitely have a ball! 

Try it out. We’re sure you’ll be back!

The singers are prominent artistes and have Youtube videos. You can listen to a range of videos and make an informed choice. But, be prepared for a delightfully difficult decision-making process! Each singer is unique and exceptional. You will not be disappointed whichever way you go! 

No, recording is not allowed, as the singers have their own copyrighted tracks. 

Once the amount is paid, there will be no refunds. Change of date is also not permitted as the artists have booked schedules.

Yes, as the artists have international acclaim, people outside India would have heard of and followed them. So, we have made it possible for people to book in countries outside of India.

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